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You bet your spots he did! Fuli, the Lion Guard needs you. You’re the Pride Lands’ fastest. You got that right. And you’re supposed to be the fiercest? Well, he is a lion. And lions are fierce. It’s kinda common knowledge, really. Show ’em the Roar, Kion. Show ’em the Roar! What’s Bunga talking about? The Roar? You think you’re somethin’ special just ’cause you can roar? Wait ’till you hear it. C’mon, Kion. Show ’em the Roar! So what is the deal with your roar? Oh, you totally have to show us, Kion. Seeing is believing! Though with a roar, it’s more about hearing. Okay, fine. I’ll show you the Roar. Just, uh, stay behind me. I don’t want anybody to get hurt. Excuse me. Watch it! Pfft. Groundlings. Ready? Okay. This is the Roar game TINY SQUEAK What in the Pride Lands game That was game Different. LAUGHS Kion! You call that a roar? CHUCKLES Didn’t sound like a roar. That wasn’t the Roar! That was a squeak! I’ve found him, Your Highness! Kion is over here! See, Dad? What did I tell you? Thank you, Kiara. You and Tiifu go ead and track the gazelle. I need to talk with Kion. Alone. Yes, Dad. Thank you, princess. Dad! Am I glad to see you! I’m not sure why, but when I tried to game Kion, Kiara tells me you’ve asked Bunga to join the Lion Guard. Hey. Is this true? Well, ye . I was just talking to all my friends about it. Your friends? Kion, I asked you to assemble the new Lion Guard. Instead you’re just playing with your friends? I’m not playing, Dad. My friends are the new Lion Guard. Fuli is the fastest. Beshte is the strongest. Ono is the keenest of sight. And the bravest, it’s Bunga. Kion, the Lion Guard has always been made of lions. Do you really think a Lion Guard with only one lion can protect the Pride Lands? Well, actually game Son, listen. The Lion Guard isn’t a game you play with your friends. It’s real. The Circle of Life, and your life, will depend on who’s on your team. Please, Kion. There are plenty of good lions for the Guard. I need you to take your new responsibility seriously.