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Sweet Ninja Lars, come on up here. These are for you. Take good care of the place, okay? I promise. I’ll be back around three. Start looking for people. If we land this deal we’ll be needing some extra hands. Netkoeb would like a quotation for some new ceiling fittings. I’ll look into it later. Hey, Willy. Bored with retirement already? I just came by to pick up my booze. And here I was hoping you’d forgotten about it. Beautiful office. How much did that cost you? Did you sell the old printer yet? You should be happy I was stingy. That’s why you’re not left with a company in debt. See you. Fingers crossed. Where are you going? City Hall. Please take a seat, gentlemen. Quiet, please. Moving on to the contracts for electrical and sanitary facilities concerning the construction of Svalevaenget Dormitory. The first tender is from Svendsen & Son. The Svendsen & Son tender is ,, kroner. Next up is Storgaard Contractors. ,, kroner. Moving on to Halbo Electrical & Plumbing. The tender from Halbo Electrical & Plumbing is ,, kroner. The final tender is from JP Construction and it is… ,, kroner. This means that Halbo Electrical & Plumbing wins the contract with a bid of ,, kroner. Didn’t see that one coming. We’ll be moving on to… Lars Halbo? Can I talk to you a moment? How do you do. Bo Valentin, Director of Sales at Storgaard Contractors. I just wanted to congratulate you. You really took us by surprise there. Well, it’s all about nailing the price. Would you have time for a cup of coffee and a chat? What for? I know you’ve met our CEO, Christian Storgaard. At your father’s reception. We were thinking that since you’re joining the big league we should get to know one another. Discuss how best to cooperate on future tenders. I’m not interested. At least think about it, Lars. Here you are. Thanks, but no thanks. You’re fricking awesome. Way to go! We’re done renovating soil pipes. And changing strip lights. We’re moving up in the world! Say, Knutte… I’m going to need a foreman I can really rely on. Would you be up for it? Anything for you, my man.