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Sweet Peach’s Pitch I’m still winning. And I get % of you, and I get % of him. I get the whole pie. I get it all. Because you’re coming with a champion, you’re leaving with a champion. You don’t lose. One night, this incredible ride that Pacquiao has taken us all on, this devastating unbeaten streak, in the heavier weight classes, will come to an end. Can Tim Bradley make tonight that night? Hard lefthand by Pacquiao down. Best punch of the round so far. Yet another slick left hand on Tim Bradley’s jaw. Two big pops for Pacquiao. And the best punches of the fight. Another straight left hand. The difference so far has been, Pacquiao can hurt Bradley, Bradley doesn’t seem to be able to return the favor. This is a Pacquiao fury. The right hook lands. He’s moving his head down to survive. Another mark of the power differential in favor of Manny Pacquiao. What must it be like for a Champion of the World like Tim Bradley undefeated in his prime, catch a guy just at the right time, fight as hard as he can, and it’s just not good enough.