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Sweet Penguin Today, for the first time, I understood that game You’re sick in the game ing head. You know that? That it never could have gone any other way. Never could have gone any other way. So, you just better put in my game ing bet. $, on the last game, the big one. Come on. You a bookmaker game or what? You know, I’ll tell you the truth, be honest with you. I’m fed up with this. Here. I’m going to give you this guy’s number. You call him yourself. You tell him what the game you want. Put your own bets in from now on. Judas. You leaving the sinking ship? Here. Take that. Yeah, I’ll give you a sinking ship. It ain’t no joke. Tell me something. You couldn’t pay . You lose, you’ll be in for to a game ing dago who’ll kill you for nothing. Yeah. Keep laughing. You’re supposed to cover that, you didn’t even have the . It’s now :. Better be careful. Hey, what’s up, man? Come on in. How you feeling, man? Come on in. Come on in. Come on, come on. Eat something. It’s dinnertime. Come on. You have to help your sister with her homework. Come on. Hurry it up. Excuse me. Make yourself at home. Make yourself at home. Sit down. I know, I know. Fourteen across is a threeletter word. $. Passing fancy. Fad. Fad? Would you please spell it, please? FAD. Are you sure? I think so. All right. Continue. Number across. Seventeen across is a fourletter word, which means $. This is a fluffy mass, as in smoke. A fluffy mass, as smoke. The clock’s running. Remember, you can use your scratch sheet. You can confer with one another, because your opponents can’t see what you’re doing. Because it sometimes helps. Fluffy mess game I’m sorry. It goes to Team B. You, too, can use your scratch sheet, because your opponents can’t see what you’re doing. Dodgers are going to win tomorrow. Yes, I know. A fiveletter word. $. The last movement of a sonata. Rondo. Would you spell it? R ONDO. All right. That’s absolutely right. Please go ahead. Seventeen across. Seventeen across. A fourletter word. $. A fluffy mass. There’s G in there, so be careful. Flow? Can you spell that?