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Sweet Penguinfriendship game There was no worry and no fear game Do you want to end up like your father? Now time is upset with me game There’s no reason to live game Why can’t you leave your work in office? What sort of a storm has come into my life? I secretly shed tears now. Guys, this is tomorrow’s headlines game Rajbeer and Chautala are the system! They know how to mould the rules in their favor. Who knows where my happiness has gotten lost game I, Dev Majumdar In my complete senses am filing this declaration against Minister Rajbeer and DCP Chautala. Why are you putting your life in danger? Let’s shoot that imbecile! If shooting was the solution, we could’ve shot him five years back. Then Chautala would have become a martyr and we would have been labeled as criminals. We need to make everyone understand that this country doesn’t belong to the politicians but it is ours! People won’t understand! Didn’t you hear Sakshi? People need proof, which we don’t have! No one trusts the words of a living man! But a dying man’s voice is heard by everyone. Then tell me one thing! Why you? Why not me, him or her? You will go! Yes I will! You will go. If I fail, then you will go! If you fail, he will go! And if he fails, then she will! And we will keep doing this until the likes of Chautala and Rajbeer are not punished for their crimes! Come on, guys. Let’s not stop living our dreams. Come on, man, let’s stop being stupid! Don’t do it, Dev game There is nothing in this country for which you’ve to put your life in danger! Don’t do this. Who is putting one’s life in danger? There are a lot of things in this country which are worth dying for! Hey, oaf! Give me a hug, at least! Come on! Take care of him game Hey. We have grown up together. You better win that world title! Just nail it! I bet you bucks that I’m going to bring Chautala down! Now, don’t you dare say anything stupid. There is still nothing special about you that I should’ve feelings for you. Don’t do it, Dev, please. Group hug is the need of the hour. Are you ready? Talk to Sakshi!