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Sweet Pet Soccer Pomme you did! After your diploma. Even I remember it. Thank you, Sonia. You know actually it should sound like Sonja with a j. I put an i there to simplify. My parents say Sonja. Nobody cares Sonia! What’s the matter? The matter is that my ears are not fucking pierced! But I know it well, honey. It was a nasty gift to begin with. You did right losing it. You really don’t remember? Pierre! Excuse me. It’s acting up again. Yeah. What are you doing? Putting on my pants. On the floor? Never mind, it’s that game They don’t fit anymore? They do. It’s actually rather casual you know? I’m making an effort. Why? Just like that. For me, for myself. How come? For me, I said. I prefer you wearing ripped jeans, a baggy T shirt and dirty sneakers. Really? I don’t know what to say about it. I never wear ripped jeans. I don’t have any, I give them away. You should keep them or go buy some at Emmaus. I’m not gonna buy stuff that i gave away. You’d be capable of doing that. It’s just your style. But you just game What are you looking for? The emergency pack. You wanna smoke? No not me. Who? It’s Mellie and her son, you know. His school is nearby. They came over at . You could have told me. Well I’m telling you. Here it is. Shit. Hi, Pomme! Tuxedo and everything! I look so crappy, when I’m not working I don’t really care. No, well game It suits you well. He’s Tom, my son. Tom, Pomme. Hello Tom! What happened? It was a friend. Oh wow, what a friend! Oh yeah game I’m sorry. What? Oh Nothing game I just thought that something weird must have happened. Why? Never mind. Pomme, honestly game So what do you foresee for the weekend? Well he has school. It’s a shame, cause some friends invited us to their sort of farmhouse. Near Chateaudun. That sucks cause they have ponies, horses game I meant what do you foresee about the weather. , °C. The seasonal average. Slightly higher. In the brain there’s any sort of cell. Mostly there are meninges, which surround the brain. Neurons, that you already know. And there are glial cells, but we don’t really