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Yeah, grow up. You’re killing me here. Lynn. No. Hey, Jamie. How’s it going? I miss you, man. Miss you too, Dad. I thought we were coming to Denver. Yeah, yeah, that was the plan, but I guess things changed. Besides, you guys are probably having a better time out there. It’s okay. You winning a lot? Hey, yeah, I’m winning a lot. I could sure use my best mechanic, though. Well, listen, bud, I got to go, so give Joey a kiss for me, and tell your mom I’m going to call Tommy tomorrow. Okay, Dad. Miss you. Love you. Yeah, I love you too, buddy. I sure do miss you guys. Hey, you all right? So what the hell happened? What the hell happened? ‘Cause you know what happened. Yeah, I pushed too much. Yeah. Keep wasting time with those girls, ‘Goose. I like winning. Whoa! Hey. Good job. Good job. Here you go. Aha. Yes. You know what? They say hard work pays off, buddy. What do you think? You know, I told you not to run those s, Tommy. You can see what happens when you don’t hit your shift points. You know what I mean? It’s like dropping a hand grenade down in the middle of the motor. You’re killing parts. You know that. I got to push it sometimes, Ed, roll the dice. If I want any chance of beating Don, I can’t always play it safe. “Roll the dice.” Okay. What?! No, I can’t hear you. Would you Game I have to see my boys, Judy. Tom McEwen. Last call for Tom McEwen. Damn it, I got to go. I know Joey hates the track. Just send Tommy and Jamie. Shit! There you go. For you. All right, let’s take this. Great win, Don. Tom. Hey. Now what’s this I hear about you not racing Indy next weekend? No, Don and I are running. We’re just not running the funnies. We’re going to both go after the Top Fuel championship. What does that mean for Mattel? Well, it means the funnies will have to stay in the trucks. Also means I get to defend my Top Fuel title. We have $, invested in this team to race funny cars. And what have you made back, about times that? It’s true. They’ve been our fastest sellers.