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Death Room! Dying Room! What the hell are they talking about? Old Man Death didn’t catch me! Not me! I caught HIM! Hah? He did say he’d come back! Didn’t he? Albert, is there anything I can get you? A gun. A what? You want to get me something? Get me a gun. Will you get me a gun or not? No! Don’t talk nonsense! No, you talk sense. Albert.. I’m sorry. Paul? Paul! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming? Mother. Mother! Paul? Come up. Give me your handkerchief. How is she? She’s in bed. She’s sick, Paul. What is it? We don’t know. But.. Dr Bradermeier thinks.. it’s probably the cancer again. Thank God. Oh, thank God. Thank God. Are you wounded, Paul? No.. No, I’m just on leave. Oh, Paul. How are you feeling? I’m going to try to get up a little today, I think. Good. We must have known you were coming. Erna is making your favorite, potato cakes. And there’s a bottle of whortleberry jam with them. You like that don’t you? Oh yes, I haven’t had any for a long time. Where’s Father? At the sulphur factory. He’s working overtime. My Paul. My Paul. Look. Bread. And cheese and.. butter! They feed you enough where you are? Not always enough, but we manage. Is it very bad there? No. Not so bad. Heinrich Bradermeier was here and said it’s terrible out there, with the gas attacks and all the rest of it. It’s just talk. Just talk. Look at me, I’m well and fit, aren’t I? Yes. But then.. I still don’t understand why you want to take off your uniform! It’s more comfortable, Father, that’s all. But I.. I want to show off our soldier boy to the fellows at Max’s. You look well, Paul. Fit. War agrees with you, eh? I suppose, in a way. Have a cigar. If you’re old enough to kill Frenchmen, you’re old enough to smoke. Hans, another beer for our young warrior. What’s the spirit like out there? Excellent, eh? I can believe it. The thing to do now is to finish off the Froggies for good. The enemy has many reserves, Mr Hollerstein. The war may be a little different from what people think. You’re right in the middle of it, Paul. You see your little sector