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Game ing cancer, you can’t help that. We’re your sisters. I don’t feel that connection very keenly. I feel very connected, to both of you. We never see you, you’re never around, you haven’t been around Game I still feel that connection! I can’t perpetuate these myths of family or sisterhood anymore. We’re just people, some of us accidentally connected by genetics, a random selection of cells. When did you get so cynical? That’s funny, coming from you. Well, Bitter, Yes, but “random selection of cells?” Maybe my cynicism came with the realization that the responsibility, of caring for our parents was mine alone. Don’t give me that. I participated. Till you had enough and got out, you and Karen both. I’m not criticizing. Do what you want. You did, Karen did. And if you didn’t, that’s not my fault. That’s right, so don’t lay this sister thing on me, all right? When I leave here I won’t feel any more guilty than you two did. I can’t believe your world view is this dark. You live in Florida. You’re thinking of leaving? Yeah. Charles and I are going to New York. What are you going to do in New York? We have plans. Like what? None of your business. What about Mom? What about her? You feel comfortable leaving her here? Do you? You’re going back to Miami, right? Yes. I can’t stay. There you go, Barb. You want to know what we’re doing about Mom? Karen and I are leaving. You want to stay, that’s your decision. But nobody gets to point a finger at me. Nobody. My three girls, all together. Hearing you just now gave me a warm feeling. You had a bath? Yeah. You want something to eat? Some coffee? I’m fine. Honey, thank you. I’ll bet, this house must have heard a lot of Weston girl secrets. I get embarrassed just thinking about it. Oh Game nothing to be embarrassed about. Secret crushes, secret schemes. I can’t imagine anything more delicate, or bittersweet. Some part of you girls I always identified with Game no matter how old you get, a woman’s hardpressed to throw off