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Sweet Tigre adventure cheese game And salami with no knife. Yeah but you’re not carrying it. I’d be happy to do it. I’m sorry, OK. It’s nice, it’s awesome. Are you sure we’ll really go? They say there will be a storm. Bring the Windbreakers. Soursops. Nothing. That’s what they’re called. Go get the Windbreakers. You’re the soursop. Something nice for once. What’s nice about it? Maybe it’s not a good idea to be just me and you. We should insist with Sonia to make her come, or game Someone else. We’ll end up kill each other. To end up in prison? Thanks a lot. I’ll end up killing you. Why not ask Roro? He used to love to hike, Romain. He used to keep up very well. I don’t want him to witness a bloodbath. Just say he didn’t want to. You asked and he said no. Did you ask him? Yes. And? And he didn’t want to. Me neither as a matter of fact. What did you just say? I said me neither, I don’t really feel like going anymore. I wouldn’t stand you up. I got all planned this time. What’s the matter? Shit, that sucks. What? Hush! Can’t you hear? There’s someone here. Did I tell you that Marouani is in receivership? And? Oh well, never mind game Come on we won’t picnic here. Hello! Hello! The way up is steep It’s good for the calves. Oh yeah? It lengthens them. It tapers them. Got any toilet paper by chance? No, we don’t. Oh, but game We got this. Keep it. Goodbye. See why I don’t like to run into people? Not everyone wants toilet paper. It’s not my fault. I couldn’t know. We won’t go this way. And you talk to them. I only said hello. Sometimes that’s enough. You could see it on her face she wanted to shit. I saw that. Whatever. You’re totally crazy. What are we going uphill for? You’d rather go there where she is? It’s disgusting! Alright it’s disgusting indeed. Then they eat there! Calm down. Don’t get me started. Calm down. Don’t get me started I said. Keep going. Go! Are you OK? I barely pushed. It’s the backpack. I’m sorry. Are you OK? You want me to carry it? Absolutely not! Are you crazy? It’s too heavy! Did I tell you that Marouani is in receivership?