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Oh, you’re the best. The best. He’s on his way in. Ok. This is it, kitten. Is it all off? All of it. What are you so nervous about? You don’t have to rub his face in it. But darling, I was rubbing your face in it. Oh, you’re upset. I’ve stolen a lot of things in my life but never someone’s wife. What’s so funny? You with a conscience. He doesn’t have the money with him. I’ll handle this. If he had the money, he’d be carrying it in something. Lydia, keep out of this. All right where is it? I can explain everything. Where is it? But first there are one or two things I’d like to say. May I sit down? I tried my best to help you the same as I’ve helped others in the past. You, Lydia Games When I first saw you, I was selling coffee and hamburgers behind a counter in a railroad station. Yes, I had an hour to kill. And you used it to murder years of my life. Sure, you made a lady out of me. The best dressed hash slinger in Chicago. But you’ve never stopped talking about it since. You’ve thrown it in my face three times a day. You told everybody we met, “Look at my lovely wife”. She used to be a two bit waitress with broken arches. And look at her now. Yes, look at her now. Maybe I was boasting Games Games because I was very proud of you. Consider Games Have I ever done anything really to hurt you? Or you, Hayes? Tell him about the ride to Indiana. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I heard your instructions to that cop. Sure. How could anybody be hurt by a nice solid year in jail? I guess there’s nothing left to be said. Except I Games I’d like to present this farewell gift to both Games Look out! You’re right. He hasn’t got it. Why’d you have to shoot him, Hayes? You could have just taken his gun. He was an old man. What were you afraid of? Are you concerned with him or us? Us. But I didn’t want to get mixed up in anything like this. Game Let’s get out of here. Game Where to? Somebody must have heard that shot. They’ll call the police.