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Tank Obstacle You’re old. Not as old as all that. You’re not handsome. Let me eat, you old scrooge. I’m starving. They say you hide gold coins and cash in your shoes. What good does it do you? Here, take it. You’re rich but you don’t have electricity. We have nothing left. Not even the house and yard are ours. Papa gave the creditors his last cent. That’s what happens when you place honor above everything. He’s spent his life creating obligations for himself. What for? Not one in ten believes he’s innocent. Do I have any obligations? I’m free, obliged only to do what serves my interests and can bring me a profit and a handsome profit at that. Life’s nothing but a fairground, a marketplace where even your word is unnecessary. A bank note will do. Paying people frees you from any obligations. Better still, get them to work for nothing. Not everyone sees things my way. You quickly learn you can do as you like and still command respect. It just takes nerve and flair. Keep it. It’s not money I need, but a friend. Yes, a friend. A friend who can tell me how to run away. I’ve always wanted to. Run away? Run away. Marie hides in that man’s house because it’s her final refuge. She’s become clever and skillful and cunning enough to titillate him so he’ll let her sleep in the hay. As for the rest, she goes further because she’s now fairly experienced. All the same, afterwards, she treats him with utter contempt. What happens between them that night? Certain extremely contradictory currents in which the girl’s fundamental honesty ultimately prevails. At first she accepts the money, because she really needs it. Or maybe she’s thinking of giving it to her father, who’s penniless after being swindled by the miser. But after hearing the miser’s cynical speech, which makes her very sad, she realizes money isn’t everything he claims it is, and she returns it. That’s her moment of greatness. As to what happens afterwards, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know game if she spends the night with the miser or simply spends the night in a chair waiting for daylight.