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do you games What do you mean, “What now?” I mean, you think everything’s weird tonight. So, what now? I don’t think everything’s weird tonight. You know what? You brought me to California, okay? Uh-huh. So I’m trying to make the best of it and you’re just shitting all over it. Alex. What? Alex, you’re really being kind of a dick right now. I’m trying games Daddy, Mama! You know what? Don’t worry about it. I’ll get it. Okay. Daddy will get that. You sure? Yeah. All right. You go boy! Hey, if it’s Max who’s crying and he doesn’t remember you, just remind him who you are. Emily, can I get you a stiff one? Please. Oh, my God! Is everything okay? Yeah. Yes. It’s fine. Can I talk to you? Mm-hmm. Of course. Come and sit on my bed. Yeah, yeah, okay. Okay. Right now? Huh. This is, uh games You got a couch and a games Like a love seat type thing, I think that’s games It must be handy games Yeah, yeah. You know, depending on what mood you’re in, I guess, for games For reading a novel or something, I would imagine it’s really cozy. Yeah, and you’re wearing the perfect outfit. This cozy robe. That’s right. And these ones here, they just came to me in a dream one night. What happened was like, I woke up one morning and bam, a voice ing yelling in my ears. Kurt games Yes, ma’am? I don’t wanna talk about your paintings any more. What do you wanna talk about? I wanna talk about you. And I wanna talk about your wife. And I wanna talk about what is going on here. Okay. What do you do? You are a salesman of water filters? And you can somehow afford this house doing that? Or do you make all this money selling these paintings? Which, Kurt, I’ve gotta say, what are they? Are they supposed to be close-ups of assholes or what? That’s so funny. Both you and your husband got that immediately. Huh. I feel like I need to clear some things up for you. Yes. Please do. Clarity sounds just great to me. In some places, Nordic places, where the winters are cold and long and it gets dark early, people like to masturbate to this. And not only this, but lots of