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I should have swam faster. Nicole! Nicole!! Aristotle? There’s a million gadgets here that you’d love. It’s amazing! Come on! Snap out of it! Where am I? Where’s Nicole? Nicole, Nicole! Come on, you can’t give up! She tried to fight him. To save me. There are so many things I have to tell you. Like how you make me feel. Well, you better start talking. ‘Cause there’s no time like the present. Nicole! I don’t believe it! Ah, yes. Young love. Vive l’amour. Chateau! We had an also tiny minor technical glitch that took us off Games line for a while, but we are once again able to see you. We’ve got a problem. There’s someone else in these stories. He’s following us everywhere, and he’s trying to stop us. I’m pretty sure our shark friend took care of that situation. Then I suggest you turn your attention back to completing the mission! But because we are not fully functional. You must somehow locate the reset button on your own! Okay. If we separate, we can search that much faster. Not a good idea. I heard an alert earlier. They’re out there patrolling for intruders. So now what? You guys should stay here where it seems safe. Nobody knows Jules Verne’s imagination as well as I do. I’ll find that reset button. Bravest Bookworm I ever met. And he’s sweet, too. Now this looks promising. There’s a whole bunch of buttons. One of ’em’s gotta be it. Those darn prunes. I’m gonna have to go again. You know you got no Games one to blame but yourself, right? Since Jules Verne was a visionary, maybe I should be thinking outside the box. Hmm. Control Game alt Game Delete. That’s it! Those are the keys that reboot every modern computer. I just got to push all three Game aah! Ughh. Yi! No! Oh, come on. Get off of me! Got a word of advice for you. I’d recommend you avoid going down to level for a while, if you know what I mean. Oh! Mm. It’s an intruder! Ah Game huh Game Wh Games what’d you say? I was just resting my eyes. Keep a watch on it.