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You wanna search me? No. If the pills are gone, I’ll be fine. I just need a few days to get my feet under me. I want you to know, you’re not alone. If you need any help. I don’t need help. I wanna help. I don’t need your help. Mom? I don’t need your help. I’ve gotten myself.. I know how this goes. Once all the talking’s through, people go back to their own.. Game nonsense. I know that. So, Don’t worry about me. I’ll manage. I get by. Remember when we checked her in the psych ward, that stunt she pulled? Big speech.. she’s getting clean, making this incredible sacrifice for her family, she’s let us down but now she’ll prove she’s a good mother. She smuggled Darvocet into the psych ward.. Game in her vagina. There’s your Greatest Generation for you. She’s giving this speech to us while she was.. ..clenching a bottle of pills in her cooch. I’ve never heard this story. Did you just say “cooch”? The phrase “Mom’s pussy” seems gauche. You’re a little more comfortable with “cooch,” are you? What word should I use to describe our mother’s vagina? I don’t know, Barb. “Mom’s beaver”? “Mother’s box”? Oh God, Barbara! One thing about Mom and Dad. You have to tip your cap to anybody who can stay married that long. Karen. He killed himself. We don’t know that, for sure. Is there something going on between you and Little Charles? I don’t know that I’m comfortable talking about that. Because, he’s our first cousin. You know. Give me a break. You know you shouldn’t consider children. I can’t anyway, I had a hysterectomy last year. Why? Cervical cancer. I didn’t know. Neither did I. I didn’t tell anyone except Charles. That’s where it started between us. Why not? And hear it from Mom the rest of my life? She doesn’t need another excuse to treat me like some damaged thing. You might have told us. You didn’t tell us about you and Bill. That’s different. Why? Because it’s you, and not me? Because divorce is an embarrassing public admission of defeat. Cancer’s