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Game Shut up! You’re staying. You look as if you’re crazy. You’re right. Crazy’s the word. I was happy. I was contented following orders. Then you came sneaking around with your big ideas. I was only trying to help. Telling me how we’d take the old man for all the money. The places we were going to live. Making me the hottest hood in town. Then when the showdown came, you were great in the showdown, honey. True blue. A hundred percent solid. You were sensational, Lydia. Game You were so great that I’m going to Games Game Hayes, don’t! Let me get out of here. Let me get out of sight. Why don’t you tell me how much you love me, sweetie? Oh, you fool, you. I used to do a magic act about a disappearing girl. Here’s the way it goes, Lydia. Just like this. Game She’s been shot. Game Just like Biddel, huh? Game She’s worse off than he is. Game Is she dead? Funny, the call said the shooting was inside. You better go and check. It’s Pop, Johnny. Game I waited for you, son. Game Pop! Kathy’s a fine girl, Johnny. Take care. Pop! Why did it have to happen to him? Game What was he doing here anyway? Game He took your call, Johnny. Who was it? Game Hayes Stewart? Game Yeah. The hood. No. Cop killer. Johnny. I know how you feel. I don’t think you have the slightest idea how I feel. Why do you say that? I feel like I’m in a cement mixer being slowly chopped and pounded to death. I’ve seen all I can stand to see. He was an old man. He should have been retired by now. That’s the way he wanted it. To be killed in the line of duty. Stupid copper. You want to see me? Yeah. You saw it, didn’t you? What? The shooting on the street. You know what I’m talking about. Answer my question. Where did Hayes Stewart go? I’m a mechanical man. I don’t see. I don’t hear Games Games and I don’t feel. Remember? You mean to tell me you didn’t see him go? I didn’t see a thing. Gregg, Johnny’s father was killed right here in this club. Kelly? I saw it all right.