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Judgy . The Bellas are back! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Yeah! We’re back. Has anyone talked to Beca today? So? Any first-day jitters? No, no. You know, I’m just gonna be moody and distant. Artists love that. I know I love that. Here you go. Okay. Dude, why do I feel so guilty? I’ve given a lot to the Bellas, right? It’s, like, three years of my life. Yeah, Bec, you should not feel guilty at all about taking your shot. This is a big deal, right? Yes, it’s a very big deal. Okay. Go. All right. Nothing’s gonna stop my girl! I don’t know him! Becs in effects, y’all! You can go! Are you ready, or game Okay, everybody, huddle up. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Get up! Come on! To the table, please! To the table! Last one at this table has to help Frank watch YouTube videos to find the next Justin Bieber. Hey, so, I’m turning next week, if anybody wants to get some drinks, celebrate. Frank, buddy, less talk. Thank you so much. Okay, my people, check it out. That game This game Dax, the tech guy. Did you call the tech guy? Yeah, I talked to him. Do you understand that everything else in my life works? Uh-huh. So, I just need everything here to work, too, okay? Well, he said he was gonna call me back. Oh, my God. You want me to call him now? Don’t do it now. Okay. There we go. That is the Lion himself. That is the legendary Snoop D-O-Double-G singing White Christmas at a tree-lighting ceremony in Moscow. And he was so moved by the power of music to unite the world or some shit, that now he wants to drop his own cool Christmas album. And because I sleep on a bed of Grammys, he has decided to hire me to produce it. Now game But Snoop Dogg already dropped a Christmas album. If you had listened to the album like I did, stranded in the air with T.I. on a golden hang glider, then you would have known that none of the songs were the classics. I’ve had to listen to that album on two separate occasions. Hang glider with T. I. And also a rocket ship that Eminem has built. It doesn’t go anywhere, but he’s got dreams for it, okay? So I need you to close your mouth.