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The Birdinator 2 We don’t know the reason Let’s drink coffee Apparently, you didn’t ask others first, before deciding We just met for the first time, but you already full of confidence Isn’t that good? I’ll go ahead. Dinner was nice, thank you Still with the attitude. Does it means, not to get closer to you? Look’s like you understand that I don’t like younger men. I have to understand their feelings, I really don’t like it Is that so. Then, let me the one who take care of you I’ll go ahead first I too don’t like olden women. But, Ms Hyun Woo’s an exception This.. is me?lYes, that’s you Do you really not remember it? At that time of your visit.. Joon Soo’s sweating, is it that hot? You really are nice to Joon Soo, thank you After this military service, let’s share our numbers, so can you wait for me? You always go after me, so cute After my military service, I became a street photographer. Taking pictures on streets, seeing you sometimes just like a destiny That picture got a reward This is a harrassment for sure It’s not that. This is..lIs it allowed? shows someone’s heart and gets a reward Teacher, can you tell us your first love? First love? First love game ! Love. The problem is to love and be loved the point is, not to be loved but to love someone. My first love, was when I’m , there’s a girl Today, there’ll be hotter temperature game Did you cook all this? Of course, I myself bought it all Thank you. Here I go Wait. Let’s have a picture first Am I a woman who loves or a loved woman? What’s her name?lHyun Woo’s game an old friend What? Is it a guy? Yes, it’s a guy You cut your hair. So cute Look here You seems to understand women’s heart. You can even fix their hearts I don’t really understands women, only you Although, I don’t completely understand you, but game Surely, while you look tough outside, you are soft inside Do you understands me? Can you guess, what I’d want to eat? After an ice cream, what would you want for dinner? Pig feet or tofu soup? I’d like some pastalAlright, let’s have pig feet Try thislI don’t eat pig feet Pervert!