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Sometimes, you lose sight of the large picture. The important thing is the breakthrough, here in Flanders. This is Frenchie, this is us. We have to come round the Belgian side and fam through. There’s no other way. Before we beat them on the Hindenburg line? It is borders that are important. You’re quite wrong. Good soldiers never stay planted on borders like turnips.. He advances. I agree with Ludwig. Offenses are key to modern warfare. Look what happened in . Nonsense. We’re talking about modern warfare, not something that happend years ago. You’re lying to me, Paul. I know you are. I swear to you, he died instantly. You promised he wouldn’t get hurt. Mrs Kemmerich, I.. Why are you living when he is dead? Why? What right have you? Tell me again. Did you.. see it? Yes, I was right there next to him. He died at once. He never suffered. I know that you’re trying to comfort me, But don’t you see, it is harder this way than if you told the truth. I want to know the.. I want the truth! I have to hear it! Mrs Kemmerich, I promise, that’s exactly how it happened. His face was quite calm. Do you swear it? Yes. By everything that is sacred to you? By everything that is sacred to me. He died at once. And do you promise never to come back if it is not true? May I never come back.. if he wasn’t killed instantly. Carry that lesson to the front lines and you will be better soldiers in the service of the Kaiser. You are dismissed. Baumer. Paul Baumer! Baumer! Here, have a cigarette. No, thank you. You still haven’t picked up the habit. Well, that’s good. It’s not a good habit but a man has to have vices. How does it go? All work and no play.. You remember? How is it, Baumer? How.. how is the spirit? Excellent, eh? Excellent? Behm is dead. Behm? Josef Behm. Oh. You know, I didn’t think he would enlist. But he went. Yes.. Kemmerich is dead, too. I was told. And Kropp has lost a leg. Er.. Oh, Albert Kropp, yes. I don’t know about all the others. We were separated, but Leer’s alive Leer is alive and Müller is alive and I’m alive.