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Everything was calm and quiet. Even though I knew that something was… strange, something was wrong. And then they just asked me to stand up, and they took off my glasses, and they said, “Don’t worry” and “This is just a procedure.” That was how everything began so, you know, a quiet Sunday, beautiful spring morning became a nightmare for me. The longer you are a hostage, the easier it becomes in some way, the better you get at it. And I had like one and half month by myself. After I believe, two and a half month, I was put together with two other Westerners, and then we were put together four. I think we were five together, and then seven together, then came another one, eight. Then it just started to evolve. We were in that cell, British, Americans… French, Italian, German, Belgian, Danish, Russian, Spanish. We were at one stage. And one day we had to sit faces to the wall. But I could see under my arms. I could see some mattress were moved in and there came some guys in traditional Syrian clothes and then they closed the door again, the big metal door, and I looked up and there was James and John Cantley. Everybody was like “Yay, welcome, welcome!” You know, it’s two new friends. You know, I created this, this picture in my head of this big, like, war journalist and so I could only get disappointed in a way, but he… I remember him being like, “Uh, what’s happening?” Yeah and… So that was-basically the first time I met him. But it was real different to be put together with James and John because they’ve been together in prison for almost a year. When I first saw them, they was the most experienced of us and I started from the beginning and I think the whole group started to lean a little bit against them. James was very silent most of the time. He was very good at listening. He managed to make the room bigger in a way by being small himself and that is a very, very difficult thing to be. And you really want to scream in the head of everybody like, ” off!” I remember one time James was asked to stand up the whole night in the middle of the room.