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the newest addition to our family. I should have told you, Samantha, but No, there’s nothing to apologize for. You take in this unfortunate child and give him a chance at a better life. You have to do it your way. I respect that. Damn. Emergency board meeting. Is everything all right? I’ll tell them to reschedule. No. No, you should go. We’ll have other nights. I look forward to them. Mm. Mm. And I look forward to seeing more of you, Damian. I’ll call you tomorrow. You were awake the whole time, weren’t you? Not the whole time. She’s very attractive. A hair pretentious. Definitely a little shallow, but What are you reading? I’ve been working my way through Dickens. What did I do wrong now? Nothing. Fact is, I tore through Dickens when I was just about your age. You ever see the movie version, directed by David Lean? Ra’s al Ghul wasn’t much of a movie buff. Well, I am. Alfred. Yes, sir? Popcorn. Drenched in butter. And open up the screening room. I’d reconsider the butter, sir. Terrible for the cholesterol. You know what, Alfred? Let’s be daring tonight. As you wish, sir. Coming? Okay, but I’m not sharing. I want my own bowl. I think we can afford it. That’s a little better. That’s a lot better. You didn’t really think I’d let you sneak out again? You’ve got me under surveillance? I thought we were making some progress. You show me a movie and that gives you permission to keep me a prisoner in my own house? It’s for your own protection. Bad enough you won’t let me out in public as Damian. The least you could do is let Robin have a life. If you were a little more trustworthy, I would. You’ve never trusted me. Trust has to be earned, Damian. That works both ways. Accessing open file on Anton Schott a.k.a. Dollmaker. Dollmaker deceased. Case closed. If that had been me dead in one of those cages would you have killed him then? We have to be better than our baser instincts. I’m sorry about sneaking out the other night. And the night before that? Not so much. We stopped the Dollmaker, didn’t we?