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And l promised my wife to bring you safely So if you keep quiet sometime I will do my work.. l really beg you.. Please go away. Please go away.. Are you scared for me? When you are next to me, no one can kill me, uncle. Un..cle..? King’s order to kill you Mother queen’s order… Baahu, please forgive me Forgive me Forgive me, Baahu Please take care of mother. Long live Mazhilmadhi l suspected you for nothing katappa. You are my dog only Baahubali… Amarendra Baahubali… I, Amarendra Baahubali.. will be Mazhilmadhi People’s body, life and… protect my people before the witness of mother queen Mother queen… Crazy queen… I enacted that you going to kill me, and made her write your death note Who are you to make promise? Mother queen, mother.. Mother queen, mother.. Baahubali’s blood Can we clean this sin anytime in our life? Katappa… You did a mistake, Sivagami You did a very big mistake You did not understand Baahubali You thought he hate you Mother queen Crazy queen I enacted that you going to kill me, and made her write your death note Even when he was dying, he did not think about his wife and child do you know what he said? Please take care of mother. Asking me to be the grandfather and carry your child on my hand I used those hands to kill your husband Kill that new born child, Sivagami If this child cry, it will turn a revolution. Let’s kill that baby also soon. Only if you stop this child, the nation will be peaceful Kill it now Understanding Baahubali, You rised sky high I killed him being his mother, I fell deep under your feet I will also die and wash his feet with my tears. What else can I do now? What else can I do? Mother queen.. Please come out Mother, people are crying because you have not annouced the death of Baahubali Go and announce now. I will take care of the child Amarendra Baahubali is no more Now, its your new king MAHENDRA BAAHUBALI Mahendra Baahubali Long live Katappa, call the ministers The criminals will be executed Ok mother queen You called Baahubali your life, thinking he did a mistake, you killed him I know you will not forgive So in advance I prepared everything Kill that kid and mother queen Come with me, Lets go Mother-in-law lf you save my son, its same as saving my husband Mahendra, you need to come back l will wait for you This kingdom will be waiting for you will you come? She escaped.. The entire control of kingdom went under Bhallal Dev He destroyed the entire Kundala kingdom since he was angry on Devasena In this world for you to love or hate Only I am there for you, Devasena We all thought you are dead, but your grandmother saved you sacrificing her life. Your mother, your mother land has been waiting for years for your Mahendra Send message to everyone, grandfather Young man, old man, coward, warriors ask everyone to come Knife, sickle.. ask them bring any weapons they have To destory the curse of this kingdom mother queen’s grand son and Amarendra Baahubali son has come back They have more than , soldiers We don’t even have weapons to fight Our hand is our weapon..