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But it’s one extra little bit of character for her to have, you know, just that great little smile there that would make him absolutely fall head over heels if he wasn’t already for her. Yeah. That’s not how he would have seen her. I like Ben and game Ben and Lacey’s relationship, I also like more in the movie than I do in the book. The two relationships that I think are significantly better in the movie are Ben and Lacey and Radar and Angela. I think Scott and Mike and you, Jake, and then the actors just did an amazing job of charting those people’s stories in a way that makes it much more human and more interesting, and I’m very, very grateful for that. I think Scott and Mike did a greatjob, kind of, dealing with that restructure and bringing it to a point. Obviously taking prom and putting it at the end of the film is something to get back to. And therefore, leading Ben and Lacey’s relationship. It’s just not that they fall in love, it’s like that they’re the two people left and they see each other differently, and it’s like game And they’re going to prom as friends which I buy more on every level. Like, Ben has learned that that’s okay. Yeah. And here’s Agloe, New York. It’s pretty crazy to me that Agloe, New York, ended up in a proper movie. This is a place that was imagined into reality, essentially. It was a paper town created by mapmakers named Otto G. Lindberg and Ernest Alpers, whose initials can be rearranged to spell Agloe. They created this fake place, and then decades later because people kept going to that fake place expecting there to be a real place, someone created a real place, The Agloe General Store. And so Agloe sort of became real. And that idea that the things that we imagine, the way that we imagine each other and our stories, and Santa, really matters, is a very powerful idea to me. And I think it’s ultimately what the movie is about, is that we have to learn to imagine each other and our world better, and we have to be careful about how we imagine each other. See there, again,