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The Emperor’s Mad Dash 3 Mrs. Burrows. Go away, Mr. Hutcheson. Let us alone. Are you blaming me? Who sent him out? And for what? The great big, fat glory of a newspaper? A paper you haven’t even got anymore. Mr. Allen? One moment, please. The day, good morning. Put every man you can spare on the Rienzi story. Picture layout? The works, where he gets his money, His tieups, data, facts, facts and more facts. The tough thing is to prove them, Ed. Prove them later. Charlie. Boy. Uh, city morgue? This is Willebrandt of the day. Any identification yet on that nude in the fur coat? Miss Barndollar. Relax. Ever heard of Rienzi? Mmhmm. Okay, now. Rienzi, Tomas. FiftyOne. Born, Palermo, Sicily. Emigrated here, . Attended public school number . Has two children by legal wife Gertrude. We’re not proposing him for the chamber of commerce. We want to convict him of every known crime in the books, All of which he’s committed and some even you, even I, never heard of. I want everything. Yes, sir. I must’ve taken shots of her as they were dragging her out of the river. That fur coat’s worth $ or $ Tim, get your camera. Cover Burrows in the city hospital. George? Our George? That’s right. You take Rienzi, his wife, home, cars, everything. What if he smashes the camera? He’s done it before. Let him. You get pictures of him doin’ it. Go ahead. Bill, Bill, I want a cartoon on Rienzi. It’s gotta be hard, tough, below the belt. A vulture sucking the life out of a city. You got it? But a vulture only preys on the dead or the dying. Preys. “Let us prey.” PREY. The paper, the paper. Why should I stick my neck out? I want it for the first edition. I don’t like the idea. I get in a jam with Rienzi and tomorrow the paper folds anyway. Where does that leave me? You’re fired. Wait a minute Pay him off and get him out of here. Why the excitement? Everybody knows we’re washed up. That’s your mistake. But I worked here four years. That’s my mistake. Boy. City desk. Get your voucher. Miss Bentley, get your stenotype in there. Get Dr. Emmanuel on the phone. Draw $ out of my bank and get it over to Burrows’s wife.