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Oh. Shuvalov, Folkonski, the whole family Bestujhev Lonisky, father and son, Kurakin, wife and daughters and grandsons Oh, stop, stop! Vocalizing Continues Let’s go. Ends And we’ve had quite enough of women. There’ll be no more petticoats to rule Russia. And there’ll be a law a law excluding all women from succession to the throne. Well, what do you want? Go on. Get out ofhere! We’re busy doing men’s work. And we don’t want any more interference from women. Go on back to the empress. She can have another day or two to put ideas into your head. And then I shall come and you’ll go to the kitchen where you belong. Now go on. Get out! I came to tell you that the empress is dead. She’s dead? Finished? Finished? Finished, finished, finished, finished! Finished! Long live the emperor. Look, little Catherine. Look. See what I’ve done. Look. New coins. New uniforms for the army. All these people to come back from Siberia. All these people to go to Siberia. And then look here. Five new regiments to be formed on the western frontier. You are sending these people to Siberia? Yes. All of them. Hmm. Why not have them executed? Why? They-They-They’ve committed no crime. Hmm. Then why send them to Siberia? Well, because because Chuckles because I’m the czar. Oh. I see. That’s a very good reason. And of course you want to please the crowd in your anteroom. You think that’ll please them? Oh, they’ll be delighted. We won’t please the rabble. There was something. Something l-l-I wanted to Hmm. Ah. Of course. The war. Um, Grigory, army council for next Wednesday. Grigory Here’s the fiirst army with the Austrians under General Daun. It’s really a demonstration of force to pin down the main Prussian forces at this spot. Meanwhile General Rumiantzov strikes for Berlin. Is that your plan, Rumiantzov? Rumiantzov Does it meet with your approval, Your Majesty? Mmm. It might. It might meet with my approval, Rumiantzov but what about Ivan Ivanovitch? Who? Ivan Ivanovitch. Who is Ivan Ivanovitch, Your Majesty? All Murmuring There you are, gentlemen.