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Everything’s fine. Great. I shou d give you back the shirt Radio There’s no hurry. So what now? I mean Radio Are you eaving, or Radio ? We’re waiting for a rep y from the consu ate. If we get the immigration permit, we wi. I rea y had fun at the karaoke and everything Radio Me too. Assaf Radio OK, I’m off to tennis. And the shirt Radio There’s no hurry. Gershon says that if I don’t sing, he’ cance the trip to Paris. He’s b uffing, he won’t cance. You sure? Much better. Your eft hand is sti heavy. Do you want a break? Five minutes. No more than that. We ? She’s a most ready. It’s in ess than a week. She must practice a the time. We wi. So te me Radio What? What do you mean, what? What about Grisha? What about him? You know. He’s grown a mustache. You don’t say! Darkness enve opes my home and the si ence of the depths of the sea Your majesty, my ady have you come to me? The ighting here is weak The roof is eaking Your majesty, my ady how did you find the courage to come here? Your appearance is ike a f ame There is much smoke and it is hard to breathe Come Radio Come, p ease enter Why are you standing in the doorway? Who are you Radio Who are you? Where did you come from? I’m so si y You just came to the wrong door the wrong city, street and century. I can’t wait ike everyone e se! They won’t et me take the exam before I’ get this answer. OK, I’m sorry. How ong do I have to wait? How ong? How ong must we go on sitting here? God Radio I can’t study. Nothing gets into my head. Such torture Radio Is there a trash can around here? in, why aren’t you ta king? What is there to say? Nothing. You were si ent back there too. As if it’s on y for me. Don’t take it out on me. I’m not. I’m going crazy here, and you don’t care. I care, but why get hysterica ? I’m hysterica ? A trash can. What? Your mustache. What about the mustache? What about it? It bounces Radio when you get mad. Yes. How are you? No, there is no hurry about the shirt. The awyer doesn’t have any news yet. Yes Radio Yiga , I’ ta k to you ater, OK? Yes. Thanks. Bye. in Radio I’m sorry about today. I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean Radio Who is that? Sounds fami iar. Joe Dassin. Right. Where do we have it from? Yiga brought it. Has anything arrived? No. I ta k to To ya. They ne peop e at his firm. So for the time being, maybe I Radio We’ see. OK. Wi you come home ate today? Yes, Nata ie has the tryouts and I have to work afterwards. I’ wait up. Am I ate? You’re not ate. Ca m down. Are you nervous? A itt e. I didn’t s eep a night. You’re crazy. You’re so beautifu in this dress. And you didn’t want it. OK. Don’t be nervous. Take some deep breaths before you begin. Don’t rush. And pay attention to your eft hand. And think. And smi e. Nata ie Braginsky, p ease. Here, here. No smoking in here. It was very nice. I hope you wi try again next year. Never mind, dar ing. Next year we wi succeed. What, the eft hand? No. Did you hurry? No. Mom, I’m hungry. et’s go home. Can we go to McDona d’s? Today we can. Just a minute. Were you nervous? No. So what was it? I don’t know. in Radio Ca m down. Everything’s OK. I want to understand Radio Weren’t you thinking? Didn’t you concentrate? What? I p ay just ike at home. Even better. Can we go now? I just don’t understand. in, ca m down. Never mind. Why? Because nothing happened. Did she pass? No, but Radio So something did happen. What was it? Nothing happened. If nothing had happened, you be accepted. Enough, in! Goodbye. He o. Hi. I had a ride in the area. I knew you’re at work. I want to return the Radio Why did we come here? You want to go for a ride, so Radio we took a ride. Do you come here a ot? No. Occasiona y. I have to go back. We got a rep y from Canada. Are you going? Move over. Why? This is my side. Since when do we have sides in bed? Since you eft. Grisha Radio You want some tea? Champagne. We don’t have Champagne. Grisha! Are you crazy? It’s AM. You’ wake the neighbors. So I’ wake them. Have you seen my cigarettes? They’re on the tab e. It rea y is AM. Where were you so ate? I was with Yiga. With Yiga ? So you two have some kind of Radio a romance? Where were you? I was worri sick. I’m f ying next Thursday. Here’s your ticket. They have this ru e; For the immigration to be va id, both spouses must cross the border. OK. Grish Radio Something is different about Radio Did you get a haircut? Mustache. How are you? Are you going to Canada? Yes. Have you to d my father? Sort of. Hi, Assafi. He o. How are you? They’re going to Canada. What, didn’t you te Yiga ? How is it pronounced, Yiga or Yigaa ? Yiga. We’re going to Canada next week, Yiga. Farewe to Israe. Our friends are throwing us a going-away party, on the beach. It’s on Wednesday night. Maybe you’ come? Come, Grish. I’m sorry, we have to go. We have so many things to do. Preparations. Maybe you ne a ride somewhere? No, thank you. Sure, if you don’t mind. Thanks. It’s hot today Radio Grisha Radio What? Don’t you want to go in an air-condition car? I do, but I don’t want to troub e Yiga. It’s no troub e at a. We’ drop Assaf off at the tennis court and Radio You see? It’s no troub e. Yiga , what do you have to do in order to be a taxi driver? You have to have a taxi driving icense. A specia icense? Is there a schoo for this kind of thing? A schoo for taxi drivers? No. So you have to study on your own for this? There’s a Ministry of Transportation course. A course? What do you earn there, in that course? A sorts of things. Mechanics Radio preventive driving, car maintenance, Eng ish Radio Eng ish? It sounds interesting. Why are you making fun of me? I’m not making fun. I’m just Radio I just have a friend in Vancouver. I want to te him Radio how it is in Israe. When we sit here, it’s a right. I can contro the thoughts. I can say I can. Sure I can. Nothing’s wrong here. A comfortab e couch, it’s quiet and p easant. The air-conditioning is just right. There is no reason for anxiety. Except for the ady’s eyes, maybe. She’s got some ook Radio We’re practicing, Yiga. That’s what we’re doing. We’re getting you ready. It’s hours to Paris, Sergio. Not seconds. It’s on y hours. It’s shorter on the way back. Ever been to Canada, Sergio? Yes. A ong time ago. How is it there? Beautifu. But it was co d. It’s not for me, the co d. I’m a man of summer. She’s going to Canada? I’m off, Sergio. Don’t take it persona y. I’m not in the mood today. What’s wrong, Yiga ? I’m tired. Don’t fee ike it. Next week as usua ? Thursday is our big day. So p ease take care of your voices. I won’t be here next year. I’m eaving. So our performance in the ceremony wi a so be a parting from me. One more rehearsa and we’ go home, OK? You want to eat something? No. Thank you. Are you sure? Is everything a right? Sure. OK. I’m seeing a psycho ogist. For my fear of f ying. Rea y? Great. That’s great, Yiga. I’m proud of you. I’m rea y proud of you. I want to come with you to Paris. So you wi. Why not? Why did you eave me, Sima? Where did this come from? I don’t know. So why? You know why. We went over it a thousand times. It didn’t work out between us. We cou dn’t take off. Why? Because of me? No. It’s not because of you. You know that. Rea y? Rea y,