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Here we go! And then… Excuse me. I do not know why I said yes. You’ll love it. What’s so special about it? Fix the rope firmly. Where? This here you do not need yet, but bear it already. Why do I need this? To get used to the weight. Wear also that. No, the other way around. Are you scared? Not at all. Do not move so much! Take it easy. Andrej. Fix the rope firmly. Come. Andrej! Andrej! Caution. The flowers of autumn They came with the glory A distant dream reminds me That they are old fashioned… Was that before or after surgery? Is someone who brings that, normal? If a patient gives you a stuffed bird, what can you do? He insisted, I could not give it back. How’s your health? The ugly of the death is, that you do not know what comes after. I do not ask about death. About health. In my age, it comes almost to the same thing. Some years ago I was operated. They got me up hardly, only after eight hours. I thought: So must be the death. You are someone, and then you’re nothing. But when your grandmother died, I was less calm. Difficult to imagine, I’ll never see her again. Won’t you like to meet other people? Time to leave the house, see friends? No. Why? I often phone them. The phone is a great thing. If one is however much alone… one begins to talk to himself. And then I feel often… the presence of your grandmother. Not that she would be there as a ghost. But I just feel … that she is very close to me. Irina! What happened? Mr. Alexander, this bruise must be older origin. Will you check my MRI? A little higher, please. Stop. Thank you. Could you please adjust this here? And that too. Did you mean these? What? You wanted these? Yes, put them there. Do not worry, Anna. This may just be the nerves. You anoy me. You’re both in good hands. Great that Alexander is there. Exactly. Thank you very much. How are you? How shall I do? I believe… I’m losing my hearing. How was the climb? Good. A few first attempts. Be careful. Don’t break your neck. How’s Andrej? Where is he? Guess what! He’s sleeping. Irina. How are you today?