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The Flintstones Race 2 What happens after Mr. White takes possession game Is outside of the jurisdiction of this court. Well, in whose jurisdiction is it? Just a moment. Since when is it immoral for someone to legally purchase a newspaper? I don’t care if Mr. White buys and runs two papers or papers or papers. Some of the best newspapers in this country are part of a chain. But I do care when he buys a newspaper to put it out of business! Because without competition, there can be no freedom of the press. And I’m talking about free enterprise, your honor, The right of the public to a marketplace of ideas, news and opinions. Not of one man’s or one leader’s or even one government’s. I game Well, I guess that’s all I have to say. The existing contract is valid, made in good faith. As of tomorrow, November th, The Lawrence white publications will assume control of The Day. Court adjourned. Well, thanks for trying. There’ll be another day. Goodbye, Ed. Goodbye. Here you are, Mr. Hutcheson. I have the city desk. Frank? Here it is. Leadoff for the morning edition. “The day, after years of daily publication, was sold last night.” Ed, get back here as quick as you can. Yeah, well give it to me over the phone. I’ll be right there. Five minutes. Would you care to state who killed your daughter, Mrs. Schmidt? Was it Rienzi? Some of his men? I come to see boss. Did you know your son was working for Rienzi? Was that Hutch? Do you think we ought to call the police? I’m worried about her. Paper’s been sold. Write a new lead. Coffee. Have you been to your home yet, Mrs. Schmidt? Where you been? I speak to boss. Mrs. Schmidt wandered in, on her own, looking for you. Won’t talk to anyone else. Mrs. Schmidt, the boss. How do you do, Mrs. Schmidt? Your name, please? Hutcheson. I am mother to Bessie. Oh, uh, about your son game I’m very sorry. I do not come for that. Sit down, please. Here. My Bessie, she comes to me and she says, “Here, mama. You keep this. Something happens to me, you do not have to worry.” This is Bessie’s diary? She says what happens to her and this Mr. Rienzi. Yes, sir? Get Captain Finlay over here right away. And tell Allen we’re getting out the final edition as usual. Yes, sir! Why didn’t you go to the police, Mrs. Schmidt? Police? I do not know police. I know newspaper. This newspaper. For years, I know this paper. I come to America. I wish to be good citizen. How to do this? From newspaper. It shows me how to read and write. My Bessie dies, you do not say bad things of her. You do not show bad pictures of her. You try to find game who hurt my Bessie. Good. I help. I think what to do. I go on subway. I ride all day. I think. I come. By doing this, you may be in danger, like your son. You are not afraid. Your paper’s not afraid. I am not afraid. Hello, Mrs. Hutcheson. Or is it game Mrs. Shafer now? Where is he? In the press room. Has he lost the paper yet? Yes. What’s he gonna do? Get out the last edition, and it ought to be quite a paper. But then what? Look for another job, I guess. Is it Mrs. Shafer? No. Hello, Alex. This is it,