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as something more than the object that he needs to acquire in order to be the romantic hero of his own story. And I think that it’s game For me, at least, it’s here. Like, it’s in every bit of it. Yeah. Just in the looks. Like, that’s the realization where he realizes that this has been, the last few weeks have been great and a wonderful gift to him. And he just hasn’t been seeing it. Right. He hasn’t been looking at it in the right way. Yeah, I mean, ultimately, I think the meaning of life is attentiveness. Like, I don’t think there’s anything else. I think it’s just paying attention. I think it’s just awareness. Awareness is both the gift and the point, to me, of being human. I think the meaning of life is just in cynicism and depression. But I would listen to John . (LAUGHING) He’s got this better figured out. It’s not game Jake’s not lying. I don’t think you think the meaning of life is cynicism. No, no, no. I think that you’re sort of game And I’m like this too, like, constantly trying to pull myself out of this pit of cynicism that I seem to have dug for myself, and that most of the hand-holds I find are inadequate. And they don’t work. And that makes me more angry. But there are some hand-holds that do work and for me attentiveness is one of them. I love this. I love all this. Yeah. I love the ending here. Well. I mean, that’s the game Something else that we’ve struggled with is it’s tough to game It was incredibly obviously important to us to try and do an ending that treated Margo with respect and as her own character. And then of course it is also Q’s movie, and I think that this is something that is always going to be difficult in movies with male protagonists. Like, trying to get gender issues right and treat the female characters properly. That you can do it, but it does become difficult because Q needs to have game In a traditional movie, a protagonist needs to have a win or a victory that they can go off with. And it’s such a kind of more subtle different version of it, to try to leave them both in an equal place.