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The journey Adventure not nails in our eyebrows! They’re called piercings. She looks stapled together. Don’t let her near a metal detector, she’ll wind up pinned down by the cops. I won’t spend summer listening to you whine. Take an interest in them. Communicate! I don’t know Game I don’t know either. You left him on his own? With a PSP, you’re never truly alone. Shit, two months here with that hick! Know what pisses me off? Théo becoming a nomad. One week at Dad’s, next week at Mum’s. Unless Mum lands the job in Montreal and we move with her. You’d leave Paris? Your friends? Start talking like Céline Dion? What about us later? What about us? Marriage and all that? Count me out of that! Starting over every few years? Marriage is for retards! They married and lived miserably every after! years, how’d they do it? I mean, how did Granny do it? He’s a total wacko. Leave it, we’ll do it tomorrow. No, I’ll go now. It’s sweltering in here, too. Where’s he going? Taking the rubbish out, I think. You mean they don’t compost here? You’re kidding me! Not a single light anywhere. Nothing. You love nature. I defend nature, I never said I’d live in it. I pictured you raising goats in Patagonia. At least I’m ecoaware. Don’t waste water. liters a minute. Turn that back on! Pain in the ass, Greenpeace! Holy ing shit! Stupid goddamn cable! It’s okay, no damage. Me neither, thanks. We lucked out, I guess. Your chair, perhaps? Not perhaps. All this surfing, you’ll end up catching a germ. The word is virus, actually. Can’t you stop even on a day like this? I’m making new friends on Facebook. Sign you up? Forget it. Look up your old pals? Don’t bother. Hot, isn’t it? It’s a beautiful day. Yes, but very hot. A very beautiful day. Where’s Léa? Sleeping. Goa, c’mon. Let’s go. C’mon, boy! Go get! What’s the dog doing here? Get off me! Let me sleep! What? Sleep well? Mind if I don’t smoke? Truce! I’m outside, right? Last year, swathes of forest went up in smoke thanks to a teen nutjob. I’m no nutjob. No smoking in summer. Not in my house. We get the picture.