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Give your body time to heal. You’ve ruined me. How long until I can Radio Doctor Strange, those tissues are still healing. So, speed it up. Pass a stent down the brachial artery into the radial artery. It’s possible. Experimental and expensive, but possible. All I need is possible. Up. Up. Show me your strength. This is useless. It’s not useless, man. You can do this. Answer me this, bachelor’s degree. Have you ever known anyone with nerve damage this severe to do this and actually recover? One guy, yeah. Factory accident, broke his back, paralyzed, his leg wasted away. He had pain in his shoulder, from the wheelchair. He came in times a week. Then one day he stopped coming. I thought he was dead. A few years later, he walked past me on the street. Walked? Yeah, walked. Bull. Show me his file. It’ll take me a while to pull the files from the archive. But if it proves your arrogant ass wrong, worth it. I looked at all your research. I read all the papers you’ve sent. It’s not gonna work. I don’t think you realize how severe the damages are.