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I’m so glad you all came. Come on in. Standing in front of you, ladies, happens to be the world’s biggest a cappella fan. We found you! Hello. Here I am. What can we do for you? So, last week when I was having a tinkle, it occurred to me game Do not, do not! Sorry. That was rude. You do not come to a gentleman’s house and touch his goose. So are we early, or game Actually, you’re pretty late. Come on, let’s go! This is the big time. Das Sound Machine, two o’clock. Tiny Mouse! We meet again. Another verbal beatdown. Highlight of my day. So, have you abandoned your foolish plans to face us at the Worlds? You wish, you gorgeous specimen. She’s really in my head. Very well. I’ll be happy to send you there. I’ll mail you. Large envelope costs nothing. Well, it will cost more than nothing. But still cheaper than shipping, like, a horse, or perhaps an adult moose. Did you ever think maybe you’re too big? It would cost a fortune to mail you. Easy. You’re enormous! Okay. I think we should change her name to “Feisty Mouse.” Yeah. Just need to find, like, a taller pair of shoes. Wasn’t a big deal. Hey! Hey! What are you doing here? What is going on? Welcome! I guess I gotta go. No. Why? I don’t know. Welcome to the first ever showdown of the National A Cappella Laser Ninja Dragon League! Can you dig it? Okay, let’s meet our teams. First we have The Treblemakers! Yeah! Okay. We have the Barden Bellas. We have the Tone Hangers! Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet Sorbet And a cherry on top And taking a break from their national tour, Das Sound Machine! DSM! Ja! DSM! Ja! DSM! Ja! And the pride of Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers! Let’s go! Here we go, baby! Let’s go! What? I’d like to be the brisket in that man-sandwich. Well, here’s how this is gonna work. When I point to you, you sing a song from one of the categories that’s gonna appear up there on the big board. There’s only one rule. You have to meet the beat. Here, come here. But you have to do it “Follow the Leader” style. Oh, boy! Oh, goodness. That was fun. Now, if you can’t carry the tune,