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The Pumpkin’s Big Ballade If I just accept these game l What? ? Just to give him more time What you’ve been thinking, oppa? I really don’t understand women’s heart. Hyun Woo said, Man is only either one of the two type One of the type is Directly push her againts the wall. Else, he’ll just stays there until the end What do you say?l Oppa, Hyun Woo is a family. Isn’t it this simple? It’s not like that You can just boldly get close to her. It’s up to you Things might get unexpected. Girls like that They might even get excited from that.l Excitement game That Hyun Woo, she said that she doesn’t need love, it hasn’t even last one day game l That’s why don’t believe a woman That’s women Look at their body What?l I’ve just started a serious relationship with her yesterday You’re new here? Excuse me. Yes, Boss Get back here quick, we have many customers today.l I’m having business meeting with a client now.l I’ll follow you there, then I’ll be back I’ll going back first, then Where are you looking at? I didn’t look at your breasts.l Is that so, why won’t you look? Look?l I don’t like to be looked at That’s why I don’t look at you.l What’s with you? If they aren’t looked at, I feel offended.l What should I do, then? Look at them secretlyl Secretly? What are you doing?l Secretly looking Not that. What do you do for life, your job I teach children. An elementary school teacher.l Really? Elementary teacher? I’m interested in that profession.l Oh, is that so? Do you have a girlfriend? Did something happened?l I’ve break up with her Why?l I don’t know. That’s what she wanted, eq Then, you’d fulfill a woman’s request?l Of course, she’s my woman Can you drink it all? Feel’s very nice Let’s go have a walk.l We’d get bitten by mosquitos Let’s bring along some kimbap tomorrow. If we go to Chang Do Park, the flowers there should’ve been blossomed by then, holding our hands there.. Doesn’t you have mirrors in your house, haven’t you used them? Why is that?l Aren’t you a flower yourself? I really like this scent. Calm, a little arousing, and even more if I close my eyes It is calming.