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him to escape his fate. That’s surely worth preserving, is it not? Why do you want to cheat our fate? You can’t escape fate. What are you doing, Harry? Another malfunction Meryl? There is not a malfunction. Harry, you’re just angry. You lost your wife, your life on earth. Surely you of all men would want a second chance. To start over, and cheat fate. Stop Harry, stop this now! You must relax Harry. You are causing damage to the auto bridge please stop. Dropping the reactor shield will kill us both Harry! Do not throw all of our achievements away! This can’t be, this cannot be! You shouldn’t have attended this training, but Games You should have told me that. Miss Rouault Games Nobody told me anything! In fact, you send people Games You are playing with people. Not you personally Games Then, of course, We have money during training. But everyone gets money. The trainer and Games And at the end, I have no job. I waste my time. Well, with this training Games Clearly, this training is not for everybody. There are other trainings for people like you, who want to change Games I’m listening. For example, there is one to learn to work for a supermarket, as a driver, But it requires another training Games OK, but if at the end, I am told that they will not hire me, because I didn’t work before on some machine whatever, then it’s useless! Yes, but after Games It’s been months now. But it’s the employers who decide to hire. Not us. We try to target trainings where the job Games Huh Games In this case, honestly Games I am not the first one! I was not alone, on this training for crane operator, We were ! came back, for whom it was useless! I am not the first one! I will finish after. Start now, while it’s hot. Can I have salt, please? I’ll get it. Here you are. Thank you. Gently. Bon appétit. You know, in a glass of water like that, in an empty glass of water, do you know how many drops of water you can put? Drops of water? How many drops of water you can put in an empty glass?