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The Rescue Time 2 to ban the fight because he would get killed. The objective is to protect the pride of our nation. Protect him from a possible debacle that may be detrimental to his health. Some say this will be a circus. Because we see a big man fighting a small man. De La Hoya was like Goliath to our David, Manny Pacquiao. People thought he was crazy, I thought he was crazy. But not to the point of going to Congress to stop the fight, no. Why would you stop a guy from his march towards greatness? Okay, Oscar, Manny, you both received your instructions in the dressing room I want a good, clean fight. Obey my commands at all times. Above all, protect yourselves at all times. Let’s go. The height differential did not show up so graphically at the weigh in yesterday. Today, they do look four inches apart in height. He’s bending his head so that is almost no height difference. That’s right game Pacquiao lands a brilliant upper cut. And, if there was doubt coming in as to whether Pacquiao could affect De La Hoya with his punching power, there shouldn’t be any doubt any more. It’s Pacquiao’s quickness dominating the slower De La Hoya Now, you make it hard to find you. And he’s taking chances, he’s starting to make mistakes. He can’t handle your speed, son. What is the feeling of a fighter when he’s in there with somebody who’s always beating him to the punch. This is getting embarrassing. Manny Pacquiao looks largely untouched. And, he’s gradually reconfiguring De La Hoya’s beautiful face. This fight’s going to probably end up being stopped. Manny Pacquiao is annihilating Oscar De La Hoya. Pacquiao is making De La Hoya look old slow and ineffectual. Brody has a tough decision in front of him. Listen, if you keep taking punches, I’m stopping the fight, okay? This could be the end of the fight. That’s it. It’s all over. Manny Pacquiao has beaten Oscar De La Hoya. Certainly, the furthest thing from anybody’s mind, was that he was going to dominate and stop Oscar De La Hoya and end his career. And, in effect, it was the beginning of a whole new career