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The asteroids are being pulled back by that thing. Is that, the flagship? How come the flagship’s here? Answer. I knew Parkinson was coming but I didn’t ask for the auxiliary flagship. Do you read me or not? Who’s got the flight? Flagship of Gamma . Flagship to Recon Leader. Cruiser fleet in position and on target. Dubrovsky. Dob)’, I gave you orders to stay on the station. You big dope. Okay, flagship, now that you’re here, I’m mighty glad to see you. We can count on the load of one Jupiter and that Perkinson dud in his beatup Apollo. I’ll ride him out of the blue. Dob)’, I’m going to try to hold this thing with the deflector then we’ll try landing on it. I’m a light year ahead of you. All nuclears okay. If that damn thing comes at you, shift and shift fast! I’ll shift okay. Better give me target range Commander. Ifs approximately a thousand miles but it could change unexpectedly. Commander Game , Magivers here. I think we’re in trouble. Magivers, what are you doing so close to that thing? Get out of there. Watch out for those blasts. I’d prefer you to get out. Did you hear? I’m pinned down. I feel the ship’s not under my power. It’s pulling us. Stay aloft. Read your retros, don’! get clogged Mac. Fire retros. Rod, I see it now. It’s solid. The dark areas look solid. We have to have help. You could try landing on it Rod. Just go on trying to retro the jets. We’re being pulled in. We need more retros, Mac. My God! They’re being pulled in. They’re in trouble! Game ! There must be a way to kill this thing. Our relays are jammed up. We’re moving in. Will you rescue? Put the automatic jets in. Insert automatics. Magivers get with it and don’t lose your head. Begin calibration to pull up. You can soft land if you must you hear? Don’! just sit there! Insert the automatic! Pull out, retro! God help us. Listen Magivers, Werner, try to get out of there. We’)! moor and pick you up. To flagship and other units, careful. If that thing should turn recon shift.