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Go on, get out. Go on, off. You call yourself a ing gangster? A shootout, right? Is a ing shootout! Like a Western. Wankers! ing embarrassing. Waste of my time. ing waste of time. Well, your brother has done a runner. Nah, he’s just genuinely disappointed with you, that’s all. Look at that, it’s full of iron, that is. It takes a while, that does, yeah, to settle. Well, Charlie Richardson said we’re to knock the granny out of you, Reg. Oh yeah, he did, did he? That’s good of him. Right, listen. When you see him next, you tell him for me, yeah, that I say: Charlie, right? And his brother, yeah? And that fat Georgie Cornell that hangs out with him. your face, yeah? Yeah? And the ing lot of you as well. What do you think of that, ey? You like that? mmm. You won’t mind if I fight back, will ya? If you think you can manage it. Nah, it’s more for me pride, really, to be honest. I warn you. I’m not gonna fight fair, though. That’s why I brought these. Alright. Now before we start, I’ve got a little joke for you? You’re gonna love this one. Paranoid schizophrenic who walks into a bar game You ers game They never stood a chance against my beautiful Reggie. A gang war seemed certain. ing hell, Ron. But on the day of the World Cup final, Scotland Yard had its say as well. There’s Ball, running himself daft. Goooooooaaaal! Get in there, you cunts! Police, stay right where you are. Oh, come on, boys game not today. What you mean, no goal? Wait. Wait wait wait. Wait! It’s a goal. It’s a goal! It’s a ing goal! It’s a goal! Charlie Richardson was sentenced to years for fraud, extortion and assault. London was an open city and the Krays moved in. Glad you could come, Mr. De Faye. Mr. Payne. I’m not often intrigued, but your message game it intrigued. mmmm. Sit down. These are the Kray twins. Ronald and Reginald. *flicks lighter* Yes, I’ve, uh game heard of them. You’ll find them useful friends. What is this about, Mr. Payne? This is about a gambling casino in Knightsbridge called Esmeralda’s Barn. I’m not familiar with it. Really?