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There’s a nice bit of fresh carpet down. The, the walls are all nicely painted and that. No, I know, Mum. Well, look, once… Once you’re feeling better and we’re settled, then you’ll have to come up. You can come up with Auntie May and stay, can’t you? Yeah, they’re nice, yeah, friendly. Friendlier than London. Yeah. D’you wanna have a word with Daisy? All right, hold on. Talk to Nana. Hello, Nan. Hello, Daisy. How are you? Good. Yeah? D’you like it? Yeah. Are you happy? Yeah, very. I miss you, too. Bye. Bye-bye. Hello, Mum. All right. That’s all right. All right, I’ll speak… Yeah, I’ve gotta go but I’ll speak, I’ll call you tomorrow. All right. All right, love you. Love you, too. Bye. Bye, bye, bye. So what are you doing up here, Katie? It started when we got kicked out of the flat. We got in a bit of trouble. It was ridiculous. In Dylan’s room there was a leak coming through the wall, coming through the top of the ceiling down the wall. And it was making him really sick. Weren’t it, Dais? Remember when Dylan weren’t well? Yeah. We had to run all the way to the hospital. Yeah, he was in and out the hospital. I was talking to the landlord about it, spoke to him. And cos I complained, kicked us out. What, they can just do that? Just throw you out? Yeah, yeah. So we got out of there. We was in a homeless hostel for about two years, waiting on a flat. Yeah. But it was close to their school which they loved, so… We just had to stick it out. But we was in one room, the three of us were in one room. Like eating, sleeping, all the rest of it and Dylan was just climbing the walls. Honestly, like boxed in like that, so, yeah. They eventually offered me a flat, so the good news was it was a flat. Bad news was it was up here. And they couldn’t give you anywhere near your family? No, not in London. They’re, they’re moving out the likes of me. It’s just too expensive for ’em. So how’s the kids taking it? They’re brokenhearted about leaving school. Especially Daisy. She’s furious with me. Having to leave her friends and her nan. I mean there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t have Dylan boxed in like that. Ah, she’ll make friends soon enough. That’s what I’ve told her. And I’ve got a plan. We got a little garden now and they’ve each got a room of their own. I’m gonna get a part-time job and then I’m gonna go back to me books. Oh, you at college? Open University. Yeah, I mucked up a little bit at school so it’s like a second chance. But that all fell apart a little bit when we was at the hostel, but I’m not gonna give up. Can’t, can I? Good on you, lass. It’s bloody freezing in here. Oh, it must be a short. Right, where’s your fuse box? There’s nothing on the metre. The kids are starting school and I wanted to get ’em some nice new clothes. And I thought I was gonna get me money tomorrow. Right. I’ll bring me tools round and I’ll sort this place out for you. Will ya? Yeah, course I will. Shouldn’t take long. Right, thank you. “Max Million”, to my address? China, what’s in this box? Dan, it’s not what you think it is.