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How are you? Can I just get a pack of cigarettes, please? Ye , um, I got, uh, I got menthols. I got, uh- It’s-anything is fine. Whatever? Okay. Ye , that’s- You’re easy, huh? Ye . These menthols. Okay. No, no, no, no, don’t- don’t give me your money. I don’t want it. Really? Ye , really. Thank you, Molly. You’re welcome. I guess I’ll- I’ll- I’ll see you around. Ye , I hope. Caleb. Hey. Hi. How are you? Emma. Ye , no, I know. I’m- Oh, you bowl here? Well, it’s the only bowling alley in town, so game Oh, ye . Kind of game That’s true; oh, did you see Peter over there? We’re in- we’re in lane one. I did, ye . Do you want to come and join us? No, you know, I’m in the middle of a league match right now, so I’m kind of- Oh. It’s in’ lame. But, uh, anyway game What? Hey, can- can you tell me why Peter is all of a sudden, he’s dressing like, uh, like Mike Wallace or something? Is he-is he a Republican now or- Ye , your dad said something about that too. Well, no, it was nice to- to see you. Ye . Good to see you too. Oh, Caleb, um game Ye ? Can I maybe bum a couple cigarettes off of you? I thought you didn’t like cigarette smoke or something. Well, actually Peter doesn’t. I- I smoke. He doesn’t really know that, so I kind of sneak a couple at a time. You know. Please? Sure. How many? Just two. There you go. Thank you. Oh, sorry. It’s just easier to hide ’em there. I don’t care. Oh, and could you just not tell Peter? Yes, if-if- can you do me a favor and not tell Peter you saw me? Sure. Thanks. And don’t tell Donald. Sure. Is that okay? Good to see you. Thank you. Okay. That was some disappearing act you pulled on us last night. Uh, sorry. Ye , well, don’t apologize to me. Apologize to J.T. He was like a lost puppy dog the rest of the night. He looks up to you, you know. Ye . Hey, look. You want to prove to everyone you’re an asshole, fine. J.T. is my nephew. All right? He’s a nice kid. He’s dumber than rocks, I know, but, uh, he thinks you walk on water, so, uh game Don’t be letting him down again, okay? Sure. Okay.