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The Smurfs Super car and then we can do this kind of crazy business any other day that I’m not here. How did you get it all off the wallpaper. I can’t believe you got it all off. Seems like it would be a hard thing to do. But I guess you can’t sell a house like that. Get what off? The blood. The blood Game Okay, listen. I want life alert out of here right now, you hear me? Okay, fine. Remove her. What am I, a disposal service? Help me. I don’t know. It’s your building. You do something. I’m just a cameraman. A cameraman, is that what you call it? Oh, Jesus. Oh, God. Okay. Don’t break a hip. Come on. Okay, okay. You all right? It’s okay. It’s okay. No lawsuit. Yeah. Okay, off we go. Nice lady. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. That’s it. You can drive, can’t you? Sure you can. Thank you for coming. Thank you. I used to live here. Terrible thing that happened in this house. Really? It couldn’t be stopped, really. Not once the wheels were set in motion. She’s still here, then Game it won’t be quiet. Not for you. Not for anyone. It’s a good thing the new owner’s gonna level the place for their restaurant. I meant they’re gonna probably just build an extension, maybe a patio. No, no, no, no, no, we sold the building. Whole thing’s gone soon. Shh Game shut up! Does that matter to you? She won’t like that. She won’t like that. No. She won’t like that at all. Really? Really? Did that just happen? I mean, seriously, on the alltime weird shit scale, that is way up there. Way past the transvestite clown at ChuckECheese. I mean, God, Alan. Hey! So, I just got off the phone with Laurel, and she said she’ll be here in about a half hour. You want her first? Don’t answer that. I’ll go ahead and get the mics ready. And you guys can have her when I’m done with her. You got it. Hey, um Game Is Mo coming with her? Does she ever go anywhere without him. Really. Just what do you think you’re doing, Jeanie? Traveling money. You didn’t earn one penny of that money. You’ve got no idea what the real world is all about. Fine. I’ll just find out on my own. Jeanie, wait! Test, test.