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But he can still be useful to us with Americans. Americans don’t care about anything. Don’t forget. Here you are, Mr. Howell. Thank you, Nicolie. Henry! Henry? Pierre. Pierre. -Still in the white suits. -Yes. When was the last time? -Chaco War, ‘. -Yes. How is Spain looking to you? It’s worse. Exactly. It’s fantastic for us. Great. I’m told we can get the best photographs. Would you excuse me? Who is that? A literary genius, so called. Wrote a book about some Negro soldiers who fought in France in The Great War. The Harlem Hellfighters? Is that the famous Henry Howell? Room service. Marta? Look, I’ve been asking around, and I found you a Leica. It’s going to do what you’re looking for. It’s got a real high-speed lens on it. It’ll get you a Capa. Marta? Do you think he heard us? Vasyl. The Consul is waiting for you in your office. Take the profiles of the journalists. I didn’t expect you, Mr. Consul. We will return these files. Might I have a moment to discuss something of a personal nature? Are you referring to your brother? Yes, sir. Come. Your brother will find that Siberia becomes more gentle at this time of year. He’s a poet. Poets sometimes write things they’re sorry for. Comrade Stalin has not forgotten that you were with the Trotskyites, and that you publicly expressed your remorse. But Nikolai Games No. Please, sir. Wait, wait. Nikolai doesn’t deserve this. -Do you want to solve this? -Yes. Perhaps you could bring me an enemy of the revolution. Find this person, and I will find a crime to fit him with. Thank you very much. Mr. Howell. Hi, Mar?a. Look, I Games I need to get something out of the country without the censors seeing it. I heard you could fix that. Sure Games But it is expensive. Okay. So, charge it to Marco’s room. And prepare my bags for checkout. Are you leaving? Paris. -You are not staying for the tour? -Tour? Yes, the Press Office tour. No, I’m not staying for the Press Office tour. Hey, Henry. Are you running away again? Come on! They’re buying us lunch. Come on. Don’t worry.