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Thank you for that. And also game I think when I’m with you, I feel good. This is also good news. So you better? Are two good news on the same day. Good. And then? Come On. Arrested me in the restaurant, in front of everyone. My boss said not to come back on Monday. Samba? I’ll. We will find a solution. I want to find a solution. Damn, I just want half the sour. Sure. He’s the guy. Enough. Bye Now. Follow me. Let’s go with it. The next time arrive on time. Yup. Stay here. I’ll be back. He said to stay here. But he does not speak Brazilian, speaks French. I understood what he said. Choose fast, that’s all I have. This one costs how much? Which One? With the mustache. Modibo Diallo. Why is my ? Black is cheaper, is the rule. But my ? Will start again? Wait, look here. We give this too, is moccasin. It is genuine leather. You mark, moccasin leather, with kid and pompoms. You return. He’s taking me? Are you taking with my face? It’s a . Make two per ,. Take the Chinese, is cheaper. You Chinese, it works. In Chinese works. Both for ? See this Whang Lee . Wait. It Works. It seems you. Stop, you. Instead of Brazilian, Chinese banking. Calm! Take the price for two. Look, wait. What did I do wrong? Whang Lee. What? What? Answered. Stop, damn it! Enough, already filled me of you. Hang On. We get Whang Lee and his mustache. Get out! What happened? For this? You get the pompoms, his mustache and Whang Lee. Look at the pompons. But, Antoine? Diallo. Diallo? Modibo Diallo? Me. Come with me. Go to the screening. OK. This is Modibo. Room will teach how to do. Hello, Modibo. Hello There. When work. Even more. Thank U. I got your message. What happened? Began all. It could happen. I had a lock. I’ve been here two hours. I can not move. Anyway, I liked the style. Coat, purse game businesswoman. Fits well on you. Thank you. And we can talk about the mustache? No, not worth it. I brought it. Is it for me? Thank you. It is proven. Will help you. I try now? No, no. There are many people here. Later. Thank you. Well, I’m going.