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ourselves. We can’t turn back. Our only chance is to get to Shibes Meadow. What are we waiting for, then? Get in the back seat. When I get going, fire a shot over their heads. Maybe it’ll throw them off balance. Right. Boy, I bet the women are shook-up. We’ll stop as soon as we can. This road parallels the main highway for about miles. And we have to cross it, don’t we, daddy? Yeah, the next intersection is miles from here. I was hoping to make it before dark. Inside the trailer, all of you. Daddy, you can’t be Radios Inside the trailer! Man, dig. We’re in business. Take it and get out of here. What was that? What? You got any money? No. Extra gasoline, maybe? No. What you got in the trailer? Nothing. You got a girlfriend in there? No one. There’s one way we could find out, I guess. Stay away from that trailer! What are you going to do? Call the cops? They’re busy. We’re the new highway patrol. Somebody dropped a bomb, dad. Crazy kick. Mickey, take a look. Maybe we ought to settle him first. Now, Rick! Put the gun down, mister. We were only kidding. Yeah, some joke, buster. I ought to kill the bunch of you. Please. He’s not hurt badly, just caught a little buckshot. You could have killed him! Shut up, Andy! Pick him up and get him out of here! Go on! You almost missed him. What happened? Mother pushed the gun away. You pushed the gun when he fired? He was going to kill that boy. That boy, as you call him, was going to kill me. Then he was coming after you and Karen. Would that have suited you better? I just couldn’t let Rick Radios Would you rather see one of us lying dead at your feet? Make up your mind! I could have blown that guy’s head off. Wait a minute. You liked it, didn’t you? Well, you said that Radios Then you’re as wrong as they are. This is no deer hunt. I want you to use that gun if you have to, but I want you to hate it. A big piece of civilization is gone, and your mother wants to save what’s left. And so do I. Don’t you forget it. Main road’s up ahead. Move! Get that car off the road! Get it off!