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The Zombie Show time there’s no discerning between fantasy and reality. Is it possible? If he came to trust me, yes Game but it takes months to earn that kind of trust. Is it possible? Daddy? Come here Game and save me! Save me! I’m daddy’s girl. His levels are tooflat. What happened here? We removed fourteen steel rings. Should have left him the way he was. He used to suspend himself, didn’t he? They’re comforted by the feeling of weightlessness Game like floating in water. Now, this, gentlemen, is the catalyst. The neurological connectic transfer system Game not only maps the mind Game it sends the signal to another party. All you need to do is tune in Game but you do much more than tune in. You become part of the show. He’s ready. Why are there three stations? For a while, we tried joint therapy sessions Games two shrinks forthe price of one Games but Edward hated it and only talked to Catherine. She has a gift. Are you sure? I’m sure. OK. Response signal Game functioning. We implanted a touch Gamessensitive microchip in her hand Game so if she wants to stop the session Game or if it gets too intense, she can give the signal Game and we abort. When we were ready for practical testing Game Miriam and I auditioned Game some of the best child therapists in the country. And all they did was observe and report, nothing more. Catherine was the least experienced Game but she came so highly recommended Game that we decided, what the hell, we’ll give her a shot Game and immediately, we could tell she was different. You’re not human. You don’t lie in my house. You’re an animal! Hey, you. Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Is your name Carl? You know, I know another little boy with a horse. His name’s Edward. I mean the boy, not the horse. What’s wrong? His victims. Where you come from? Gentlemen, she’s back. I’ll be right there. All right. Come on, Catherine. She’s had quite a journey. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Games So she’s made contact? Games Oh, yes. She’s gone very deep into his world. Attimes toofar. It’s cold.