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And it’ll keep your room nice and warm. Can you go into my tool bag there, there’s a piece of cloth. Can you open it? Eh? What do you think of that? It’s gorgeous. Well it’s a little present for your new room. Now… Thank you. Where shall we put it? Up there, maybe. Okay, hang on. I’ll get a hook and hang it there. Yeah, what do you think? It’s great. It’ll look like you’re under the sea. And the sun will shine on them. I think there will be fine, yeah? I’ll light these candles. Whoa. Yeah. Now hang on. That one’s big. It is. Now there’s four candles. Right? Mind you don’t burn yourself. I won’t burn meself, don’t worry about that. But thank you for thinking about us, Daisy. Put that in there like that. And I put this one in here. Now there’s four candles in there, right. And they last for four hours. I’ll put this small pot over. Right? Block the hole off up there. And then I put this big pot over the top. Now it takes a little while but it’ll take the chill off the room. And if you just put your hand over there now, you’ll feel it, Daisy. If you just put your hand over there, you’ll feel it starting to warm up. Huh, can you feel it? Yeah? A little bit. What about you? Yeah, a little bit. Were you a soldier, Dan? Was I a soldier? Oh, more dangerous than that. I was a carpenter. Right, grub’s ready. Yay! Go round that way then, Dylan. Good boy. There’s yours, poppet. Right, put Sweet on there. Sit down nicely then. And, Dan, this one’s yours. Oh, no, not for me, thanks, no. That’s yours. All right? Here you are. All right? Well, where’s yours? I had mine earlier. I’m just gonna have a bit of fruit. You said that yesterday, and the day before. All right, eat up then. Looks delicious but, you know, it’s a wee… It’s a wee bit early for me. Please, Dan. It’s the least I can do. Thank you, Katie. All right. What was that sound, Mum? Oh, babe, one of the tiles just fell off the wall in the bathroom where I was cleaning it. It’s the middle of the night. I know. You should really get to bed. Okay. I’m gonna go to bed. I’m gonna go to bed. I just wanted to get all the cleaning done in there so you can have a nice bath tomorrow. You like a bath, don’t ya? Yeah? So you’re gonna go up and get into bed and wrap up nicely. Okay, good girl. Give me a kiss. Go and get into bed. All right? Good girl. Promise me you’ll get to bed. I promise you I’m gonna go to bed. Good night. ‘Night, baby. Daniel Blake? If you’d like to follow me, Mr Blake. If you’d like to just take a seat. This is the Claimant Commitment form. You must commit yourself to spending hours a week looking for work. Now that can be newspapers, agencies, and online via the Universal Job Match. You just fill in the details. But you must prove that you’ve done this as well, mind. Well I’ve been told by my doctor that I’m not supposed to go back to work yet. Then you should apply for Employment and Support Allowance. I have, but I’ve been knocked back by some quack and now I’m trying to appeal. Okay. Well that’s your choice, Mr Blake. No, it’s not my choice. I’ve got no other form of income.