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I won’t go to the Dying Room! We’re not going there. Then why take his tunic? I’ll be back. I won’t die! Why are you taking his tunic? I’ll come back! I won’t die! I’ll come back! Liars! They’re lying. LIARS! I’ll come back! I’ll come back! I won’t die.. I am learning to walk again, but always in the corridor. I can not bear Albert’s gaze if I move about the room. He has a strange look. I know what it is because I know Albert. He is bitter and jealous that I am getting better and he is not. And I know he has a terrible guilt that he feels jealous of me. I know Albert. He has always been my best friend. I get to know this hospital very well where they keep the abdominal and spinal cases, the head wounds and double amputations, the jaw wounds, the testicle wounds, the gas cases, the blind cases, the lung wounds, intestinal wounds Games and this is only one hospital, one single station. There are thousands in Germany. How many thousands are there in France? In Russia? In England? How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done or thought, when such things are possible. The culture of a thousand years could not prevent this stream of blood being poured out. A hospital alone shows what war is. Stop it! Stop it! Stop that! Orderly! Get the orderly! Doctor! Orderly! Orderly! For God’s sake, he’s trying to kill himself with a fork! Why didn’t you leave him alone? You are doing so well, Paul. Soon we’ll throw away the cane. Sister. Yes? I’m worried about my friend. I think.. he is making a very good recovery. He worries me. Since the operation, he.. He’s in a terrible state of mind. He hardly speaks to me any more. There is always such a reaction after an amputation. Always! Now, stop worrying. Albert will get over it. Go, tell him your good news. That should cheer him up. Albert? How do you feel? Albert, they’re giving me days convalescent leave. I’ll be going home. They’ll be sending you home, too. Very soon. Baumer! Hey, Baumer! It’s me! I’m back! Franz! Didn’t I tell you I’d be back? I don’t believe it!