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Tigress Jump 2 Let me see. . like the ceiling can’t hold us Dale: This is a great idea! Kurt: How do you think they mow this thing? Nick: Hey, are you guys sure we shouldn’t have called ahead? No! He’s gonna love it. But the cake and the balloons you don’t think that’s overdoing it, huh? I don’t think so. No. I think he’s gonna be psyched that the order’s done three days early. That’s true. I think he’s gonna be, like, flipping out to see us out on his course. Hey, you know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives us a membership to this place. Are you serious?! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, my god. I want that! ! Hey. Dale: Surprise! Kurt: Whoohoo! Sir, we have finished your order in full, and it is ready to be shipped. Excellent news. And we got you a little cake that says, “thanks for believing in us!” And some balloons, of course. We’re the “us.” Congratulations, boys. What an accomplishment. Thank you. Thanks. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to cancel that order. What’d he say? It sounded like he said “cancel the order.” You say “cancel”? I’m sorry, cancel what? Cancel the order. don’t need it. Wait, no. That doesn’t work. Sir, sir, sir game No, no. No. You can’t do that, though. game we went grand in the hole. We were in business with each other. And if you don’t buy, we are ruined. We were in business with each other. He’s gonna putt. He’s just gonna putt out. And he makes the putt. Wow. Congratulations. Can you please explain to us what’s happening and why you’re doing this? Yeah, sure. Fair question. You see, boys, in one week, your bridge loan comes due. And you, of course, won’t be able to pay it. And your loan officer has assured me no extension will be granted. At that moment, your company will go into foreclosure, and I will buy all of those units at auction for pennies on the dollar, even cheaper than I could have gotten them from the Chinese. Oh, my ing god! I can’t believe this. Anyway, as an added bonus, I will also own your patent, and these gentlemen here will take over manufacturing of our new product the shower pal.