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I’m gonna get some wine. We have no more wine. Okay, that sounds like a great idea. Okay. What? Honey. This is California. Maybe this is what dinner parties are like. How am I supposed to know? I mean, up until then it was fine. Like they were great, right? What was great? Kurt was playing music games They were great or her breasts were great? Oh, please. I love your boobs. Oh, stop. I love your boobs very much. Stop. Twelve months of breast feeding a child has completely decimated my breasts. I worship them. I worship them like they’re two little Jesuses on your chest games Hey! Hey. I just checked on the boys. They’re just so cute. Oh, great. They look like little brothers. I mean, I’m so happy to know that Max has a new buddy. You guys smoke pot, right? No. Yeah. Whoa! Holy games Holy cow! Wow! Whoa! See, I don’t know if he knows how to do it, the thing we games Are you gonna give it a shot? Oh, honey. [all cheering. You did it! Come here. Can’t see shit, man. Here take my hand. You’re all right? Yeah. Hit your head? No. Okay, come here. All right. Whoa. This is what I wanted to show you. Is this like your office or something? I guess you could say that. Here. Oh, wow! All this games This is, uh, how I keep my sanity. Painting first entered my life when I was around RJ and Max’s age. What started out as dipping my fingers in the tips of the, uh, acrylics blossomed into all this. My refuge. It’s how I can truly express myself. Huh. Is that games Is that what I think it is? Very perceptive of you. That’s games You can say it. A butt hole? Yeah. This series is called Portals. Each of them painted from life. I was lucky enough to have some of my best friends donate the time as models. Even Charlotte’s up here somewhere. Fifty bucks if you can guess which one’s mine. Butt hole? Oh, well. That one. That’s amazing. Really? Is that games That’s games Huh. That’s yours? That’s me. Oh, great. That’s me. That’s great. Do you paint? Yeah. No. Hmm. I always wanted to, though, because I always felt like, you know games I always felt like