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Time adventure My child’s an abomination. He has no soul. Is that you? You all right? Hold me. This isn’t real. Did daddy do a bad thing? Don’t be scared. This isn’t real. Naughty worm. I’ll kill you! you, motherer! Catherine, wake the up, now! Mairzy doats and dozy doats And liddle lamzy divey A kiddley divey, too Wouldn’t you? When you were in college Game Your baby brother had a car accident! He was in a coma for six months before he died! And I’m sorry for saying that! Butyou gotta wake up! God! It’s not real. This is not real! This is not real! Not real! It’s OK. What the happened? Where are we? Oh, my God. Is this where he keeps them? No, it’s OK. Don’t be scared. I will never hurt you. I’m your friend. And Peter Gameshe’s afriend, too. Do you know where this place is? Like on a map? I am so proud of you. Even if Peter doesn’t find Julia Game I promise I will come back and help you. Games What are you doing? Games Let’s go. It’s over. I know how to find Julia. I just can’t leave him here! God damn it, Catherine, let’s go! Games Carl! Games I know how to find her. Games Let’s go! Games I’ll come back for you, Carl! I promise that I’ll come back! Catherine, we gotta go now! Games That means he’s back. Games How’s Catherine? Take it easy, Peter. Is she OK? Take it easy, Peter. Just breathe. Games Is she OK? Games Yeah, I think she is. Can you get me out of this ing suit? Yeah, Cole here. Games Cole, it’s Novak. Games Yeah, what’s up? I want you to go down to the basement Game at Stargher’s workplace and call me when you get down there. They haven’t finished building the grid yet. the grid! Call me when you get down there. Games You OK, Pete? Games I’m fine. You want to tell me what happened in there? You in pain? Games What happened, Peter? Games I saw her. Games Who did you see? Games I know where to find her. Games Who? Games Julia. I saw her. OK. Why don’t you come and let Dr. Kent have a look at you? Games Cole? Games Yeah, this is Cole. Now, what am I doing down here? That machine that he uses Games