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Tobe’s Super Escape on his last song. Hey, Baker, let’s finish what we started. You got it, Pierce. Yeah, man, I’m gonna get to the booth. Okay. Hmm? Will you give today for a better tomorrow? You know, if you make $, a year, you’re in the top % of wealth in this world. I mean, we are blessed beyond belief, and yet I don’t think there’s anybody in this room who cares. That’s it. All right. It’s heavy. Hey, what are you gonna say? Uh game I don’t know. Just game I’ll just get out there and say the first thing that pops into my head, I guess. Hey, can you game Can you deliver something for me? Uh, yeah. Sure. Thanks. Callie? Yeah? You game You know how the other night you were talking about how you feel like you’re on tour, and game You haven’t changed anything? You really shouldn’t worry about that so much. It is now my distinct pleasure to introduce to you the man behind this mission. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sam atwell! Thank you guys. Thank you all so much. I was just reading Matthew, and, uh, there’s this story about a rich, young guy who meets Jesus, and he asks him, how do I get into heaven? And Jesus is like, have you obeyed the commandments? And the guy’s like, yeah, I have. But Jesus told him that he had something missing, so he asked him to give up everything, sacrifice everything, and follow him. But the guy couldn’t do it. And it says that the rich, young guy walked away sad, because he had too much to lose. This guy believed in Jesus right up to the point that it was gonna cost him something, and then he just bailed, which makes me wonder if he ever really, really believed in the first place. Sometimes a decision comes your way, and it’s game It’s a hard decision. But it shows you in that moment what you really believe. I, uh game Morning prayer took the girl unawares she was late for class and she knew it the broadcaster had a voice that was soothing she couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman and a patch of sun fell onto her desk she put her head on her arms, on her neck the lesson today was the acts of apostles the crazy hippies